Year of release:

A: Unbroken - love will tear us apart (Joy Division)
B: Abhinanda - rebels rule (Stray Cats)

This seems to be a one time only pressing. Black and 'milky'-clear vinyl colors. It's just a little weird that the colors of the cover are slightly different. How does that happen with a one time pressing?
No info on test-pressings or quantities available. The Trust No One Recordings website states: 'Released to coincide with Unbroken's memorial/ reunion show in the memory of the late guitarist Eric Allen' So that would make it a 1998 release. I'm just a little confused over the use of the word 'late'. As far as I know Eric Allen (RIP) was there from the beginning.

update August 9th 2016:
i compared records with Ferry xthreesomex and we found the following variation that apparently no one knew about so far

the above picture clearly shows 3 color variations for the cover. Ferry and I have two copies each. clear and black vinyl. but somehow out of the 4 covers 3 are different so i'm now looking for the one on the left.

Version 1
Label: Trust No One Recordings
Cat.#: TRUSTNO6 (on the labels) TNO006 (on the website)
A-Side Matrix: AH 12357/A
B-Side Matrix: AH 12358/A
Vinyl color: black
No insert

Version 1
Label: Trust No One Recordings
Cat.#: TRUSTNO6 (on the labels) TNO006 (on the website)
A-Side Matrix: AH 12357/A
B-Side Matrix: AH 12358/A
Vinyl color: 'milky' clear
No insert

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