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This is my attempt at a complete and detailed Vinyl Discography of the '90s Hardcore band Unbroken. I'm in no way affiliated with the band. Just a collector nerd who's way passionate about their music, lyrics and artwork. Also I'm sick of finding out about another pressing and another pressing and another... so to spare you the trouble I went through I put my spare time into this project. Maybe it inspires someone else to do the same about a band or label he or she likes the hell out of. I'd definitely like that.

Current status of the project:

Thursday July 27th 2017
Added family pictures for a/fop and ywbb 7"es
Added pictures of a sealed copy to the ca'77 post. Most likely a pink vinyl pressing.

Saturday July 15th 2017
Added 2 pink vinyl copies to the 'you won't be back' post
Added 7 more variations to the 'and/ fall on proverb' post
Added a Flyer & Promo post with only a few pictures if you have anything that would fit this category let me know.

Tuesday August 9th 2016
Added pictures of the Japan Tour / last US show edition of the LLR 20th anniversary pressing and of various Test Pressings. Mostly from the collection of Ferry xthreesomex which i took when i visited him to nerd out together. On that occasion we also discovered that there are differences to the covers of the split 7" with Abhinanda resulting in 3 different cover colors and that there must have been two separate printings of the glossy Ritual cover. Of course I added that info to the WANT section and the according posts so go check those if you're as big a nerd as i am.

Thursday December 31st 2015
Added the latest and/ fall on proverb copies I bought to the according post including 20th anniversary pressing variations and updated family pictures.
Also I added somewhat of an overview picture of my Unbroken 7" collection to the 'The Family' section.
On top of all this my Life. Love. Regret. family meanwhile got a new member too but that update will have to wait a little longer. Running out of time today.

Sunday August 30th 2015
Added 2 more variations to the and / fall on proverb post. one more variation on the way.
Added pictures for the ca'77 variation with black & white labels which i was able to score lately. This should be all the available variations now!

Wednesday June 10th 2015
I got another variation of the and / fall on proverb 7" recently and added info + pictures to the according post. It's Version B3 in case you were wondering.
I should do the same for the latest pressing of the life. love. regret. LP

Sunday March 8th 2015
The major part is FINALLY DONE!!!! I finished the 'and/ fall on proverb' post with all the info I have so far. Now there are only a few family picture updates to be made and I have to add a few pictures of variations/ pressings that I didn't get on ebay. But even then this project is not finished because I am still missing one or the other variation and will keep on adding to my collection so there will be updates whenever I get more Unbroken vinyl. Still missing a few crucial slabs of vinyl.

Saturday March 7th 2015
Updated the 'you won't be back' post with two more 2005 color vinyl versions.

Friday March 6th 2015
I recently got a 1st press split w/ Groundwork in a 2nd/ 3rd press cover so I updated that section with pictures plus I got one more crucial variation of the and/ fall on proverb 7" which I also put pictures online for today. More updates to come and hopefully I can finalise the latter post soon.

Tuesday March 3rd 2015
I just updated the 'Ritual' post with new info a got through instagram today. Now we know that the color vinyl was a later pressing as opposed to a first press which I had assumed up until now.

Wednesday February 25th 2015
Uploaded pictures to the and/ fall on proverb post today. there are still bits and pieces missing but not much. I guess pretty soon everything will be online and then I'll have to update the sections that I got some new additions to. This thing will most likely always be a work in progress but info on the major parts that should be in every self-respecting Unbroken collection will be available within the next month I hope.

Monday February 23rd 2015
Due to things going wrong at work I had a little more time on my hands than I though I would so I started on the and/ fall on proverb post and made some crucial discoveries. Go check it out. No pictures online yet though.

Friday February 20th 2015
Been busy with other things again but I finally managed to put some more time into this. The ca'77 7" post is now done. Which only leaves the and/ fall on proverb release to be covered but that post will never be finished there seems to be an endless amount of variations out there. I have 13 at the moment but I do know of at least 9 more variations. Some day I will get to posting what I have. Might take some more time though.

Wednesday November 5th 2014
I have been busy with a lot of things so I wasn't able to put anything new on here. Lately when I do have the time to blog I concentrate on posting about my recent vinyl pick ups because the pile is not getting any smaller and I would really like to catch up so I can post about new additions to my collection when they come in and not like half a year or so later. Hopefully december will see a decrease in unpleasant tasks so I can focus on the fun things and return to this project. Would be great to more or less finish this. More or less because there are quite a few one off cover variations out there that I might not be able to ever document let alone own.

Sunday July 13th 2014
Discography triple vinyl post finished. Only two posts left. Looks like this will be done soon.
I got asked to add a Merch section so I did. Nothing on there yet though. Also there will never be much if you don't chip in. Get out your cameras and send me those snaps. Anything Unbroken related please.

Wednesday July 8th 2014
I finished the Life. Love. Regret. post today. Took a lot longer than I thought it would. Otherwise I would not have added more video clips just before that. Now it's way late and I gotta get the hell outta here.

Monday July 7th 2014
Today I finished the 'V/A - it's for life LP' post. 'live in Dagenham' release info updated with the ltd. South American Tour edition. Also I scanned some more inserts over the weekend which means I'm getting closer to completion. 8 down 4 to go. Unfortunately those are the ones with the most variations. Still so far...

Friday July 4th 2014
Added a new section called 'Interviews, Videos, etc' today.

Thursday May 15th 2014
Another member of the family is almost on its way to me. It's a variation the band sold on tour in 2011. More about that when it gets here.

Saturday April 26th 2014

Yo, I hit the trifecta. Ritual LP info uploaded. Still a lot of ground that needs to be covered. I'm curious how long it will take me. It's almost two years ago that I started.

Friday April 25th 2014

Today I couldn't take that much time out of my day to dedicate to this project so I chose an easier task to tackle. 'It's getting tougher to say the right things' 7", split & compilation release LP sampler post is done now. I'm slowly getting there.

Thursday April 24th 2014
Today I tackled a big piece of the puzzle. The split release with Groundwork is now completely documented on here. Go check it out and let me know if it's not so complete. Pictures of other variations are welcome and will be included with credits.

Sunday April 6th 2014
Family pictures added to the 3LP vinyl discography section. Yes I'm still on it. This has not been abandoned. One day it will be done.

Wednesday December 11th 2013
Damn I've been busy. So many things on my mind. Falling from one job right into the next pile of shit that needs to be done. Right now I have some time but am unfortunately nowhere near my precious Vinyl. So I just uploaded a few family pictures that I took in March and added a wants section. Too bad I didn't get all the pictures taken so that will be it for a while again. Probably more content coming in January. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Tuesday April 9th 2013
Two more posts have been completed with the info I have available and apparently I did one inbetween that I didn't tell you about so now there are 4 in total. Hang in there for more.

Wednesday March 6th 2013
I took quite a few pictures the last couple of days but didn't get to upload anything. Now other things have taken priority again so there won't be another update for at least a week.

Friday March 1st 2013
Two days ago I completed the first post. The 'you won't be back'. Yesterday I took some more pictures and scanned two more 7" releases. So expect a few more updates soon.

Thursday February 21st 2013
Today 10 more records for my collection arrived and those are about the last I'll be able to add so this beast is pretty much caged. The only things that are missing are the test pressings which I do not collect anyway. And then there is this one limited edition of I think the "ca.'77" 7". I read something online once and haven't seen anything of it ever again. What I'm talking about is an alleged special version for the guests at ATI's (rob moran's brother) wedding. I have yet to go through my pictures again because I think I downloaded a picture of it. If I did you will be able to find it after I put all the info I have in the according post.

Saturday December 15th 2012
The year is coming to an end and people start having more time. Unwinding from the troubles of another year gone by. But not me. I've been on the road again and will be so for a while longer so still no time to get ahead on this. One day. I tell you. One day...

Tuesday October 30th 2012
Way to busy with getting GOOD INTENTIONS going and earning some dough on the side to afford a living but I will one day get back to this

Saturday September 29th 2012
Back home for quite a while now but the next Tour is on the horizon and there's a shitload of other things I have to do so I haven't been able to put some more work into this project but I'm still all about doing this. I just don't have the time right now. I expect things to slow down in November before I head out again but who knows. Meanwhile I bought some more variations for the collection and found out about even more pressings I wasn't aware of which I'm currently trying to obtain.

Monday July 23rd 2012
I scored another slab of Vinyl while not at home and am trying to obtain another juicy piece. So even when I'm far from my precious collection I'm still working on it ;)

Monday June 25th 2012
Been busy again. Unfortunately only with other things. There is alot going on in my life right now that keeps me from working on this project. Right now I'm on Tour until mid August. Which means no more updates at least until I'm back home.

Sunday May 20th 2012
I took some more photos today until the battery of the camera was empty. Now I'll kick back and relax a little. Charging my batteries along with the camera's.

Saturday May 19th 2012
More structural work.

Thursday May 17th 2012
I started taking pictures and realized that I got somewhat fucked over. I was at the Unbroken Show in London in 2010 and picked up the special edition triple vinyl discography on white w/ red splatter. Well until today I believed I did. I had left that version sealed and only opened it today to take pictures of it. But... FUCK..... what's this?????? Clear Vinyl????? FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had all the variants of that release... Now I have two clear vinyl copies but no London Show edition. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.... Maybe someone reading this can hook me up? Well, I guess I have to create another saved search on ebay.... actually I already did that. I'd still take yours though ;) Help a brother out!

Tuesday May 15th 2012
I started working on the structure of the site and whenever my busy schedule allows me to I'll continue with it and start putting some content on here.

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