If you have anything you don't see in any of the pictures on this blog get in touch.
Well, that doesn't go for the test pressings unless you're willing to let them go for really cheap which I guess you're not. Why should you?

Items I definitely still need:

* Demo Tape - the temptation of life

* Unbroken/Ati's Warriors split (contains both bands' demos) (2002, bootleg)
This one is listed on the band's Wikipedia page but I doubt it exists. Though I have read Rob Moran's brother's name Ati in combination with the word 'warrior' before I have never heard that this was a band. If my memory serves me right he did a fanzine in the 90s and I think that was called 'ATI warrior'. What, whoever put that record in the wikipedia listing, probably mixed this up with is the following

* Ati & Valeria wedding edition of the 'Live in Dagenham' 7" - they made this for the wedding of Attila Moran's (Rob's brother) wedding and handed it out to (some of?) the guests. sold on ebay once.

* and / fall on proverb 7" (pink vinyl, black  cover, NOT numbered)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (pink vinyl, off white cover with star stamp)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (white pattern cover)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (black vinyl, black cover no 31g logo on the labels at all)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (with UFO stamp)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (multiple logos stamped on cover in any color)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (unbroken logo stamped on cover in blue)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (unbroken logo stamped on cover in red)
if there are any that is. i bought a copy where the stamp looked red in the pictures i got before purchasing but turned out to be rather maroon.

* and / fall on proverb 7" (there are copies that do have pictures glued to the cover. most likely not the same twice. I have one copy but need others) (pic is not of my record. downloaded it from somewhere i don't remember)

* and / fall on proverb 7" (anything out of the usual like for example lots of star stamps)

* split 7" w/ Abhinanda - Trust No One Records
   cover variation. i need the one on the left

* split 7" w/ Groundwork
Any and all cover/ insert variations I do not already own aka that are not pictured in the respective post.

*ritual LP (light grey vinyl) New Age Records

* V/A - bringing it back vol.3 (test press /5) Ammunition Records
This compilation was never properly released but features an Unbroken track next to songs by 1134, Frown and Downer. I have no idea though which Unbroken track is on there. If you do know this or any other detail I'm missing let me know. All I know I got from this popsike listing
update: Recently on Instagram I came across the info that the track is Unbroken's cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division which was then used for the split 7" with Abhinanda.

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